Joey's Bizarre Adventure

Your name is NIENTE TREYLAN, and you are nearly 11 SOLAR SWEEPS old. Your interests include UNLEASHING TASTY JAMS on your UNREASONABLY COOL GUITAR, and COSPLAYING as your favorite characters from VIDEO GAMES and ANIME. Your STRIFE MODUS is DualAxeKind, and your sweet weapons were created by combining your GUITAR and some NOTES ON HOW TO BE COOL. Your title is the BARD of HEART, though if you were asked you would respond with some other answer. Your typed text is rather annoying to read as you tend to hit enter whenever you have a pause in your thought process, and occasionally transpose spaces left or right a letter. Your chumhandle is futureQuickster, though you don't often remember to open pesterchum in the first place.

My Cosplays   oh shit question time   Submit yo shit

Whoops got our Suda 51 shoot back finally, so here have a photo set.

Photographer - Travis Touchdown - Juliet Starling


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